HFS Partition Recovery

  • Recover deleted HFS+ partition data on Mac OS X (supports all latest versions of Mac OS)
  • Retrieve lost files from HFS and also HFS+ volumes
  • Data from non-booting volumes can also be recovered
  • Easily perform formatted or reformatted HFS volume recovery

Have you deleted, formatted or not being able to access the data from HFS volume?

In these cases, you will need a relevant file recovery software. The HFS Partition Recovery software makes your data accessible from any of the inaccessible, corrupted or damaged Mac volumes. No matter what is the reason behind inaccessibility of files on the volume. This advanced application can easily perform corrupt HFSX volume recovery on Mac OS X Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Yosemite, Mavericks, El Capitan and Sierra in a matter of a few minutes.

Many Mac OS users across the world face problems like data inaccessibility due to a wide range of reasons. All these issues sometimes take place due to software conflicts or sometimes human mistakes or errors are responsible. At such a point, the users generally think that recovery of files from HFS volume is not possible. But, in fact, you can easily rescue files from formatted HFS+ partition in a few mouse clicks. HFS Partition Recovery is specially designed to sort out all these data loss crisis and is also recommended by industry experts in order to retrieve deleted HFS+ partition files on Mac machines, to know more about this issue click on this URL: http://www.hfspartitionrecovery.com/recover-deleted-hfs+-partition-data-on-mac.html.

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Reasons for the need of HFS Partition Recovery Software

Unintended deletion of partition: You might have accidentally deleted the HFS volume that stored certain essential files. Otherwise, you might have accidentally deleted the existing volume while resizing the volume using the Disk Utility, resulting in a data loss. When you delete the volume using the Mac Disk Utility, all the information along with important files stored on that volume will be wiped out.

Formatting or reformatting of volume: If you have formatted the HFS+ or HFSX volume without taking backup then you may lose all the files stored on that specific volume. You might have formatted the volume generally either while re-installing the Operating System or while installing the other version or other Operating System on the same drive resulting in loss of files.

Volume Header corruption: Volume header contains information regarding volume including blocks available for use as well as allocation block size. It also contains metadata about essential files like allocation file, catalog file, extents overflow file etc. If the header gets damaged due to abrupt system shutdown or power failure problems then all the information stored in the volume become inaccessible resulting in data loss.

Catalog file corruption: The catalog file contains information regarding each and every file and folder and also used to locate files and folders within the volume. Catalog file may get corrupted due to improper system shutdown or a sudden power outage making the files inaccessible resulting in loss of files.

Apple Partition Map corruption: Apple Partition Map is a method of storing information about volume on a hard drive. Partition map describes how the volumes are stored on a hard drive like formatting the hard drive describes the way individual files are stored on the volume. Therefore, if the Apple Partition Map gets corrupted then all the volumes stored on a hard drive become inaccessible resulting in data loss.

Brands of Mac Hard drive supported by HFS Partition Recovery Tool

  Brands of Mac Hard Drive Models
Western Digital

MyPassport, Elements, MyPassport Elite etc.


Iomega eGo BlackBelt Portable USB/FW800 Mac Edition, Iomega eGo Portable USB/FW800 Mac Edition, Iomega eGo Desktop USB 3.0 etc.


FreeAgent, Replica, GoFlex etc.


Life Studio, Touro Pro etc.


Canvio etc.

Apricorn Aegis

Max, Portable, Mini etc.


Stealth, Metro, MiniStation etc.

Things You Should Know Before Begin to restore the data:

  • You should not continue to copy or save any files on the damaged or formatted volumes in order to avoid overwriting of files. Once the lost data is overwritten by new files then the data recovery process becomes impossible resulting in permanent data loss.
  • Always install data recovery software on a healthy drive and save recovered files on the healthy drive and not on the drive from where you recovered the files

Here are some key features of the HFS Partition Recovery Software

  • Supports partition recovery on Mac-based HFS+, HFSX volumes and Mac-based FAT32/ FAT16 volumes
  • It has inbuilt volume scanning engines, which helps in recovering files from accidentally erased, formatted or lost Mac volumes
  • It performs a signature search to recognize and retrieve different types of files from the Mac volumes
  • Allows you to view the recovered data upon successful completion of the data recovery process
  • It can also perform lost data recovery from HFS partition on MacBook, Mac Mini, MacBook Air, iMac, MacBook Pro etc.
  • Works well on 64-bit Mac OS X i.e. Snow Leopard
  • One of the other additional benefits of making use of this software is that it can be used to recover formatted HFS partition, with great ease. Click on the link, to know more: http://www.hfspartitionrecovery.com/restore-data-from-formatted-hfs+-partition.html

How to run the HFS Partition Recovery Software?

Step 1: Once you download and launch the software, the main screen appear with 3 options. Select “Recover Volumes/Drives” option among those 3 options and then select “Volume Recovery” option to recover data from accidentally erased, lost or damaged volumes.

HFS Partition Recovery - Main Screen

Step 2: Now, select a Mac hard drive from where you want to recover data from lost, erased or corrupted volumes. After the partition recovery is done, it allows you to view recovered data in a Mac finder styled interface

Recover HFS volume - Preview Screen

Effective Tips to avoid data loss in the future

  • Take a backup regularly so that you can restore data from backup file whenever you lose or delete the data unintentionally
  • Avoid turning off the computer abruptly
  • Use UPS to avoid data loss due to fluctuation in voltage
  • Always check before formatting the drive to ensure that it does not have essential data on it

Recent Updates:

HFS Partition Recovery on Yosemite OS X: This page gives you full information on how to recover HFS partition on Yosemite operating system. Just, make use of HFS Partition Recovery software and retrieve data from lost or deleted HFS partition on your Yosemite system. For more updated information, please visit this URL http://www.hfspartitionrecovery.com/yosemite-os-x.html

Recover HFS+ Partition on iMac: It has become extremely easy now to recover lost HFS+ partition on iMac with the assistance of updated version of well-known tool HFS Partition Recovery software. It is compatible with all the latest versions of Mac operating systems. For more updated information, please check this URL http://www.hfspartitionrecovery.com/imac.html.

Recover Data from HFS+ Drive: Without any difficulty you can make use of the updated version of this software to recover data from HFS+ file system. To know more about how this software helps to recover data from HFS+ drive, visit this link: http://www.hfspartitionrecovery.com/data-from-hfs-drive.html

Mac Terminal Data Recovery: With the help of HFS Partition Recovery software, its possible to get back deleted or lost data including pictures, video, audio, documents, etc from Mac Terminal compatible with the updated versions of Mac OS X Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra etc. To grab more updated information, simply tap here http://www.hfspartitionrecovery.com/mac-terminal-data.html.

Recover Data from Unreadable HFS Partition: With the help of HFS Partition Recovery software, you can restore data from unreadable HFS partition as well as HFS+ and HFSX partitions running on latest versions of Mac OS X Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra etc. For more assistance, simply tap here http://www.hfspartitionrecovery.com/unreadable.html.

With the aid this advanced application, Mac users can restore their all files from HFS volumes that are unmountable. To perform this operation with ease, refer this page http://www.hfspartitionrecovery.com/data-from-unmountable-hfs-partition.html

A new version of HFS partition recovery software has been launched, which has a set of new features and capabilities to recover damaged HFS partition in a very effective manner. To know more about this tool click here

A new version of this software has been launched which has a set of new features which helps to perform partition recovery from Mac very easily. To learn more about this click here.

If you lost any HFS partitions on your Mac computer during re-installation of the operating system, no need to worry. This recovery program is updated with some efficient algorithm to restore HFS partition on such situation. You can resolve such data crisis within few fingertips, using this advanced mechanism on all version of Mac OS.

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