Recover Damaged HFS Partition

Mac Hard disk is divided into multiple logical parts and each part is known as volume. Users are interested in creation of different partition to use more than one operating system in a single system as well as to access different data quickly and easily. If any of the volume becomes corrupted then data residing in it cannot be accessed. Due to inaccessibility of your crucial information from that damaged volume, obviously you will face a big problem. Here is an efficient tool especially designed to recover damaged HFS partition on Mac OS and it will be appropriate in such situation.

Among various possible reasons of corruption of a Mac volume, most frequently encountered causes are Mac partitioning errors, frequent change of file system, volume header corruption, formatting error and so on. However, such corruption can be easily fixed by utilizing such prominent volume repair utility. If you want to know how to recover damaged HFS partition, visit the link:

Let’s take a scenario where corruption of HFS partition takes place. Suppose, you are attempting to create a new partition on Mac HD by making use of Mac OS X’s inbuilt functionality Disk Management utility.  But, if this process interrupted due to any reason in the middle of partitioning and an error has been produced, then there is more possibility of hard dive corruption. Once the volume gets damaged, you will not be able to use any information residing on that volume. The only and only way to get rid of from this pathetic situation is to make use of an efficient partition recovery application which can effectively repair that damaged volume.

Another most common reason where Partition of Mac operating system gets corrupted is file system conversion error, sometimes users try to convert one file system to another in order to achieve better performance. Due to frequent change of file system, there is high risk to get an error, because FAT to NTFS conversion can be done easily but vice versa does not always succeeds. Thus, such type of error can recover damaged HFS partition on Mac.

Mac volume header corruption is another reason which leads to the volume data inaccessible. Volume header is a place on Mac OS X which keeps record of all the files or folders residing on that volume, because of any reasons, if volume header gets corrupted then corresponding volume data becomes orphan and user cannot access those data. In such situation, you should take help of HFS Partition Recovery tool to recover intact data from that header corrupted volume with ease.

This tool is especially designed to recover damaged HFS partition which has been severally corrupted. HFS Partition Recovery Software can recover HFS+ partition as well HFSX formatted partition on Mac computer. Apart from that, HFS partition recovery application is compatible to recover partition from MacBook Air, iMac, Mac mini and MacBook pro within a couple of minutes. Moreover, it is designed with a user-friendly graphical interface so that a novice user can also perform volume recovery with ease. After recover damaged HFS partition, it will allow you to preview recovered data before save it in your required location. Additionally, if you have lost or accidentally deleted the HFS partition on Yosemite OS, this software can be used to restore HFS partition on Yosemite and other Mac based operating systems successfully in few easy steps.

Steps to Recover HFS+ Partition

Step 1: Download and install HFS Partition Recovery software. Launch the tool and choose "Recover Volumes/Drives" option from main screen.

Recover Damaged HFS Partition - Main Screen

Step 2: Select volume and click on "Next" button to start scanning process as shown in figure 2.

Recover Damaged HFS Partition - Select Volume

Step 3: Once recovery process gets over, you can view recovered files as shown in below figure.

Recover Damaged HFS Partition - Preview Screen

NOTE: In order to understand how to use this software on Mac in better way, refer this video tutorial.

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