Find Missing Documents on Mac

Lost Document Recovery on Mac

In this era of advanced technology, most of the peoples are attracted to the Mac operating System due to its popular graphical user interface. Behind its popularity there are also some other advantages as it is secure from external threats, easy to use and many more. Mac computer not only used as a personal computer but it is also used in corporate world to store huge data. Like other operating system, here also we have to face data loss problems due to various reasons. If it happens with you, what will you do to find missing documents on Mac? Don’t worry; here you will get appropriate way to find your missing documents easily. One of the efficient ways is that, you can use HFS Partition recovery software to recover files that are missing due to any unknown reason.

The most common reason of missing of files from the Mac computer is corruption of Apple Partition Map. Apple Partition Map is a scheme on Mac OS used to store information about the volumes of the hard drive. It describes where the volume is stored, the size of it and the number of the volume on the hard drive. Therefore, if the Apple Partition Map is corrupted all your important documents may disappear from the volume of the hard drive. In such case, you may think that files are erased from your computer permanently as you cannot view them even in the Trash. But, actually all data till exist on your system and if you want you can revive them back by using this advanced recovery application. It has some inbuilt special algorithms to find the missing files easily. Moreover, with the help of this award winning software you can get back deleted or lost files including images, video, audio, documents, etc from Mac Terminal with ease. For more updated information, simply click here

One other reason behind file loss is catalog file corruption. Catalog files in Mac are mainly used to store all information about files and folders in the Mac volume. Nodes of a catalog file maintain files in the folder in an exact order and the nodes used to access the documents in the folder. The catalog file becomes corrupted due to abrupt power failure or improper system shutdown, which can make a particular file inaccessible or missing from the HFS+ volume of Mac computer. If the restoration of these missing file is so important, you can achieve this process by using this efficient tool even after data loss due to accidental formatting of HFS partition. Files may also be missing from your hard drive due to volume header corruption. The volume header contains all information about HFS, HFSX Mac volume and if the header is corrupted, Mac OS cannot fetch any information about the volume that ends up with data loss from Mac volume. At this point, the feasible way is to make lost HFS partition data recovery with the software.

There are some other reasons when data can be missing suddenly from your Mac computer. If any error has been occurred at the time of reformatting Mac hard drive you may lose data without any knowledge. Even, error occurred at the time of repartitioning may corrupt the intact volume, which may results missing of documents. In all these reasons, you can recover documents from corrupted HFSX volume easily and completely. The program not only supports Mac computers, it supports Mac Book, Mac Mini, iMac and all the Windows operating system. If you want to restore data from the Mac Book volume visit the link:

The steps to restore your missing data:

Step 1: Launch the demo version of the HFS Partition Recovery Software after downloading on Mac machine. Then select "Recover Files" option from the Main Window as shown in Fig A.

Find Missing Documents on Mac - Select File Recovery

Fig A : Main Screen

Step 2: From the next screen, select "Recover Lost File" option to recover missing files from HFS volume. After that you have to select the drive and then  click on "Next" as shown in the Fig B and recovery process will start.

Find Missing Documents on Mac - Select Partition

Fig B : Select Partition

Step 3: After completion of recovery process, you can view the recovered files using "Preview" option before save.

Find Missing Documents on Mac - Preview Recovered Files

Fig C : Preview Files

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