HFS+ Partition Recovery

Recover HFS+ Partition

Partitioning of hard drive on Mac is done to logically divide HD into multiple parts called volume. One of advantage of this is that each volume can have different file system which helps to manage and organize files and folders on hard drive efficiently. There is a high chance that a volume may lose during partitioning, if any error takes place. Loss of a volume in such scenario, may invite a big disaster for a computer user, if any crucial files or folders are lost having important data related to personal or office work. However, the solution of such type of problems can be to use partition recovery program.

HFS Partition Recovery is one of the useful tools which help to retrieve partition lost due to any reason. Let’s throw light on some most frequently occurring reason of volume loss or corruption. Unintentional deletion of Mac volume, formatting or reformatting of volume, volume header corruption, catalog file corruption and Apple partition map corruption are the reasons which causes mac volume data loss. The entire aforementioned situation can be handled using hfs+ partition recovery utility.

Unintentional deletion of Mac volume is one of the most common errors that a user makes. When a user wants to remove a volume from Mac hard drive for this, at the time of selecting volume from Disk Utility user selects wrong volume then all the files or folders containing useful data are lost. This type of user’s silly mistake may take them to the world of misery. But, thanks to partition recovery tool, which gives a chance to the users so that they can recover lost volume in an effective manner.

Another most frequently encountered reason of volume corruption is volume header corruption. Volume header contains the details record of files and folders of and their attributes, it not only contains the allocated data information but also the available space on volume, if somehow, this volume header gets corrupted then volume data get lost and user ends up in severe data loss. In such hectic situation user should make use of recovery tool which is capable enough to solve such kind of data.

Formatting/ Re-formatting of Mac volume is another scenario where user may lose data from hard drive. Sometimes, user need to format a particular volume, with the aim of deleting all the data stored on it. If, in hurriedness user commits on mistakes and deletes wrong volume, then all the data of that volume get deletes in seconds. Suppose if backup have not been taken by user then, what would be the reaction of user? Really, it will be very shocking for user as he/she has been lost all files or folders residing on that formatted volume.

Irrespective of data loss scenario, partition recovery tool can bring back all lost data. It can recover different types of hard drive including ATA, SATA and recovery of lost files from MacBook HFS partition very easily in just few simple steps. The file systems supported by this tool is HFS, HFS+, FAT32, FAT16, and FAT. Preview of recovered files can be seen by using the preview feature of this tool.

Steps to Recover HFS+ Partition

Step 1: Download and install HFS+ Partition Recovery software. Launch the tool and choose "Recover Volumes/Drives" option from main screen.

HFS+ Partition Recovery - Main Screen

Step 2: From next screen select “Select Volume” option.

HFS+ Partition Recovery - Next Screen

Step 3: Immediately after this scanning and recovery process starts. Once recovery process gets over, you can view recovered items in separate window by using "Preview" option.

HFS+ Partition Recovery - Preview Screen


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