Lost Data Recovery from HFS Partition on MacBook

Have you lost data from HFS partition on MacBook?

MacBook might be the most beloved laptop ever especially for students. It has combined outstanding capabilities with well conceived design and has provides most powerful, reliable and distinctive features compared to other models of Mac computers. Its capability and compact size make it an ideal travelling companion. Your MacBook becomes more attractive when you install easy to use and intuitive Mac Operating System over that.  But, the most important thing is the data stored on your MacBook. The data might be photos from your last vacation, favorite songs you purchased from the iTunes store or even the documents which took a lot of time to create. Mac Operating System supports both HFS+ and HFSX partitions to organize and manage the files and folders in the MacBook. It provides journaling feature which helps in protecting data against file system corruptions. Even though, it provides several data security features, there are few possibilities of data loss.

Consider a real time scenario, you just turn on your MacBook to view some important files and to work on those files. When you open your MacBook Pro, you are not able to access the data as it was spinning beach ball more than an hour. To get rid of that, you forcefully turned off your MacBook Pro. After when you tried to reboot your MacBook Pro, you get the flashing question mark in the folder that was neither allowing  you to boot the Operating System nor allowing you to access the data from it. This indicates that your HFS formatted hard drive is corrupted due to abrupt system shutdown. Similarly, there are different reasons due to which you may lose your important data. Few common scenarios are as follows

Accidentally emptied the Trash: You might have moved some files to the Trash for a time being i.e.  Just to hide those files from another person for some time. After some time, you forgot that you have saved some important files in the Trash and accidentally emptied it by using “Empty Trash” option. When you empty Trash, all files including your essential files are gone!!!

Format Error: Sometimes, you may encounter “The disk is unreadable. Do you want to initialize now?” error message that says that you should format your HFS volume again. But, you cannot format it as you have essential data on that volume. If you format the volume then  you may lose all your essential data. If you does not format that volume then you cannot access the drive resulting in data loss

Directory structure corruption: For each and every volume, directory structure is assigned to manage the files and folders stored on those volumes. If the directory structure gets corrupted due to power outages, virus attacks or for any other common reasons then your data becomes inaccessible resulting in loss of data.

The simplest thing you should do after losing the data or accidentally deleting the data is, avoiding the usage of hard drive from where you lost the data. This is mainly to avoid permanent data loss. When you delete or lose data, it is not permanently destroyed from your Mac volumes. Instead, allocation information which is used to access the data from volume is deleted making that data inaccessible. Therefore, if you save new data over that volume then the data which still exist on your hard drive may get overwritten by new data resulting in permanent data loss.

HFS Partition Recovery Software can help you to bring back deleted information from HFS volume on MacBook with utmost ease and in less span of time. This software can easily restore data from erased HFS+ volume and also from HFSX volumes. This software is capable of restoring various types of files like audios, videos, images, presentations, documents etc. from Mac volumes specially by performing signature search. If you have accidentally formatted or reformatted the HFS+ volume while performing some other operations like re-installation, while dual boot configuration or while resizing or repartitioning the drive then no need to worry about data recovery. This software can perform formatted HFS+ partition recovery and can also recover data after accidental reformat or re-install.

The HFS Partition Recovery software can also recover data from accidentally deleted, missing, lost or inaccessible FAT16, FAT32, HFS, HFS+ and HFSX volumes. This software is also compatible with latest version of Mac Operating System. For instance, if you have lost data from Mac OS X Lion or the HFSX drive gets corrupted due to some common reason then use this software. It can help you to recover data from damaged HFSX volume on Mac Lion and other latest versions of Mac Operating System like Mac Leopard and Mac Snow Leopard.

How this software works?

Step 1: First you need to download and install the HFS Partition Recovery software on your system to perform HFS partition recovery. Make sure that the system on which you are installing the software is not the same one from which you want to recover data. Download and launch it on healthy computer. After launching the software, select “Recover Drives/Volumes” option from the main screen.

HFS Partition Recovery - Main Screen

Step 2: after that, select either “Volume Recovery” or “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery” option from the next screen and select the MacBook hard drive to start the recovery process

HFS Partition Recovery - Next Screen

Step 3: Once the data recovery is done from the HFSX volume, you can view recovered files using “Preview” option in Mac Finder Styled interface.

Recover HFS volume - Preview Screen

Tips to avoid data loss in the future

  • Always enable Time Machine to take a regular backup of your important data
  • Do not use the Trash as a temporary storage area.
  • Use effective antivirus program and update it regularly
  • Do not format the drive without taking the backup of essential data stored on that specific volume.

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