Recover Deleted HFS+ Partition Data on Mac

How to recover data from deleted hfs+ partition on Mac?

In any computing environment, preserving data is the vital insurance against data loss. With data escalating everywhere, backing up becomes an essential task. If crucial information is not backed up then there is a high probability of losing it. Even though Mac provides high security features like journaling, which helps in protecting your data against file system corruption due to abrupt system shutdown or power surge problems, there is still possibility of data loss due to human errors.

May be you are a switcher who held onto Windows because of some essential work that needs Windows Operating System. Or, maybe you are finished with the project, the job or the phase of your project that required you to use Windows on your Mac computer. But one way or another, there may come a time when you want to get rid of your Windows installation and reclaim all the hard disk space Windows partition was using. You had divided your hard drive into 3 partitions i.e. one for Windows and another 2 volumes for Mac that is formatted with the HFS+ file system. Since you have finished work on the Windows partition, you just want to delete that volume and add that storage space to your Mac partition.

In order to perform that task, first you took the backup of essential files from the Windows partition and then started up the Mac OS X and closed all open programs by ensuring that nobody is logged in except you. Now, you opened the Boot Camp from Assistant Program in Applications i.e. from Utility folder. After that, you clicked on “Create or remove a partition” and then click continue. After that, it displayed a number of partitions. Among those partitions, you just clicked on the volume that you want to delete from your Mac Operating System. Again, when you turned on your Mac Operating System, you were shocked to see that your HFS+ volume has gone instead of the Windows partition!!!! You might have accidentally selected the Mac HFS+ partition instead of Windows partition resulting in data loss.

Now, you don’t even have the backup of HFS+ volume instead you have backup of the Windows partition. What you should do now?? Stay calm!!! It is still possible to restore data from accidentally deleted HFS+ partition using the HFS Partition Recovery Software. But, you should act fast after losing the data. This means that, you should immediately stop using the drive and use this software. If you use the drive and saved or copied some new files or modified the files stored on your drive then the old files, which are still exist on your hard drive may get permanently deleted beyond the recovery. Therefore, avoid using the hard drive after accidental deletion.

HFS Partition Recovery Software can recover files from formatted HFS+ partition or reformatted volumes while reinstalling or repartitioning the Mac hard drive. It can recover various types of files like audios, videos, documents, images, presentations etc. from your Mac hard drive. It can easily and quickly recovers data from accidentally deleted or missing HFS+ partition on Mac Operating System. This software has special inbuilt algorithms and scanning engines, which find that lost data from Mac volumes successfully.

Along with HFS+ volumes, this software is also highly capable of recovering data from accidentally deleted or lost HFSX volumes. If your HFSX volume is corrupted due to some reasons or you're not able to access the data from your HFSX volume then also you can use this software. It can easily retrieve files from corrupt HFSX partition on Mac Lion. Additionally, it also supports other latest versions of Mac Operating System like Mac Leopard and Mac Snow Leopard. If you have accidentally deleted, emptied Trash after deleting or lost the data due to any reason then also you can use this software. It can undelete lost data from HFS partition on MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, iMac, MacBook Air.

Quick steps to recover deleted HFS+ volume

Step 1: Download and install the HFS Partition Recovery Software on another computer and then connect your Mac drive from where you have deleted the HFS+ volume as slave or secondary storage device to recover data from HFS partition. Now, after launching the software, select “Recover Drives/Volumes” option from the main screen.

HFS Partition Recovery - Main Screen

Step 2: Now, select “Volume Recovery” option from the next screen to recover data from the deleted HFS+ volume on Mac. After that, select Mac hard drive and click on “Next” to start the data recovery process.

HFS Partition Recovery - Next Screen

Step 3: Once you finish the data recovery process, you can view the files recovered from the accidentally deleted HFS+ volume on Mac.

Recover HFS volume - Preview Screen

Valuable Tips to avoid data loss in the future:

It is strongly recommended not to attempt resizing, repartitioning or formatting the drive without a backup. Therefore, always take a backup without performing any of the operations so that you can restore in case if you encounter any problem during the process.

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